Executive vehicles


Executive vehicles reflect a level of achievement with class and elegance. Understated and refined, the best of the premium class enables busy executives to attain tasteful luxury. That’s why these cars are perfect for high-achievers who want an automobile that reflects their tastes.

Demanding executive drivers want more than superficial luxury, of course. Handling, performance, efficiency and innovation – these are hallmarks of a vehicle that truly deserves its place in the executive category.

Ready for business

Executive cars come equipped for business. Most notably, multimedia interface systems allow cellular phones, the sound system and other multimedia interfaces to seamlessly connect.

Central multimedia control and wireless connectivity mean that motorists remain effortlessly connected to work and friends, even while stuck in rush hour traffic.

Entertainment systems, including surround-sound audio and even television reception are also centrally controlled, as are navigation systems.

Driver comforts

Executive vehicles come equipped with all the modern conveniences. The most innovative manufacturers have re-imagined and enhanced many of these technologies: for example, intelligent air-conditioning tests the external air quality and memorises different users’ preferences; adaptive lights expand the driver’s range of vision at night.

A luxury driving experience is about more than technology. Executive vehicles are made with superior materials, combined to create and sophisticated cabin. A key trend is towards functional luxury, with high-quality finishes producing understated, timeless elegance.

Interior comfort extends to front and rear passengers, with authentic executive vehicles producing consistent quality throughout the vehicle.

Reliable and efficient motoring

As the automobile market becomes increasingly competitive, vehicles are manufactured with more and more options and variations. But while it’s not hard to find cars with quirky styling, stuffed with gadgets, genuine executive vehicles offer substance and style.

Premium executive cars are meticulously designed and assembled, by manufacturers with deep experience and a history of productive innovation.

That means using the best parts and materials, of course, but it also means assembly according to uncompromisingly stringent standards.

There is a second, equally important, quality consideration: after sales care and service. Executive vehicles should come with executive service, with professional and dedicated customer care available nationwide, with a quick and effective response in case of any difficulties.

Routine servicing and care should also be a superior experience, fitting an investment in an executive car.

Quality and innovation produces tangible benefits and savings. Efficient engines produce more power, using less fuel, for impressive performance and an excellent ride quality. Dynamic handling, advanced transmission and other genuinely progressive technologies combine to create a superior driving experience.

Choosing an executive vehicle

Executive vehicles come in different models and styles. The level of customisability is usually quite high, with a number of design, performance and technology options.

Executive cars are designed for everyday driving, so it is important to test drive a vehicle to find the right fit. As well as offering practicality and reliable service, an executive car should be a joy to drive.

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