Nursing pillow filling at a glance

One of the most important questions to ask yourself before buying a breastfeeding pillow is what filling it should have. There are many different breastfeeding pillow fillings on the market, but two of them have become established and are very popular with mother and child.

Nursing cushion filling – EPS beads
The filling with EPS beads is very popular with the long breastfeeding or positioning cushions. These beads are available in different sizes. Some are better suited for daily use than others. EPS microbeads are often used in large breastfeeding and storage cushions. They have a diameter of 05 to 1.5 mm and are therefore as fine as sand. Unlike sand, however, they are very light. This is especially practical for daily use. These polystyrene micro-beads* are long-lasting, anti-allergenic and hygienic. In addition, they are very quiet, so that one actually hears almost nothing when turning the cushion.

Nursing pillow filling – polyester
The squirrel-shaped nursing cushions are usually filled with polyester*. Most polyester hollow fibres are used for this purpose. These fibres are completely noiseless and resemble the filling of a conventional cushion. This filling is soft, but does not adapt as well to the body as the EPS beads. That’s why they are more practical for crescent-shaped cushions.

The filling gives the pillow a good hold and offers excellent support when breastfeeding. Also here one should pay attention to a good quality. If the quality of the nursing pillow is poor, it can easily happen that the polyester filling* slips and then leaves a gap in the pillow.

Nursing pillow filling – how to fill up?
Although most breastfeeding pillows are filled with EPS beads, this filling can sometimes give way slightly. Some people do not find this filling firm enough for breastfeeding or as a sleep aid. You should pay attention to good quality, so that the pillow lasts longer.

On some models, the breastfeeding pillow filling* can wear off after 2 to 3 months and the pillow becomes too limp. Sometimes it also happens that the beads are distributed unevenly in the pillow. Then one part is completely filled, while the filling at the other end is missing. If you buy a breastfeeding pillow with EPS filling, you should make sure that you can fill the beads. Some cushions even have a device that makes refilling easy.

The same applies to polyester breastfeeding pillows. However, they are a little easier to fill, as they do not consist of small balls.

Nursing pillow filling Advantages
Below we have summarized the most important breastfeeding pillow fillings advantages for you:

EPS Beads Advantages
-good adaptability
-suitable for allergy sufferers
-suitable for washing machines and tumble dryers
-good air circulation
-absorbs body heat

Where to buy breastfeeding pillow filling?
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When buying a breastfeeding pillow, the choice of filling plays a decisive role. Both EPS beads and polyester offers many advantages and is a good breastfeeding pillow filling. In the end, however, it is entirely your personal preference that decides. Find out our top 5 nursing pillow at